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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CrossLoop: Everyone Helps

Do you have someone in your life that asks you for computer "help" every now and then? I have a few. What you wouldn't give to just be sitting there at their computer during this process. It would take you two seconds to figure it out and fix it... but instead, you listen over the phone to the cryptic symptoms, guess what's wrong and then painstakingly walk them through possible fixes for five hours (maybe it just seems like it).

A vc friend of mine introduced me to CrossLoop today. CrossLoop has been around for awhile, and recently has upgraded for Mac compatibility. From their web site:

"CrossLoop is a consumer Internet company that empowers everyone to help someone anywhere in the world with its free and easy-to-use software application for desktop sharing. CrossLoop connects computer users with trusted, qualified service providers and friends who can provide the support they need quickly and conveniently."

Here's what I like about CrossLoop:

1. I can now have access to the computers of the folks I provide amateur tech support for;

2. I can "drive" during this process; and

3. If I am not available to help, they can find an expert to help them via CrossLoop's database. Experts are rated like buyers and sellers are on eBay and you can work out pricing with them.

Walt Mossberg took a look at CrossLoop in the WSJ this fall.

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