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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Debate Over Nationalization is "Semantics"

I find it interesting that there is chatter about whether or not our govt. should be nationalizing banks. A more relevant debate would cover whether or not they should stop.

Peter Boockvar is the Equity Strategist at Miller Tabak + Co. His overview on nationalization:

“The raging debate over whether to nationalize C and/or BAC is semantics at this point. With politicians in DC dictating executive pay, marketing expenses, employee trips, dividend policy, etc… with their tens of billions of pfd stock (which may now be common with an amazing sleight of hand with no new money) and the guarantee of almost a half trillion $s worth of assets, both are already wards of the state.

But, whatever step the government may or may not take, healing the banks directly is still only dealing with the symptoms and not the disease.

That disease is ‘an overleveraged consumer and falling home prices‘ — when its cured, it will heal the symptoms that is a troubled bank sector. Shifting bad assets from the banks to the govt is just a shell game as we’ll pay for it one way or another. The $64k question is what will happen to bond holders . . ."

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