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Monday, March 16, 2009

Tech Picks, Intros & Raises

1. Apple recently chose TeeShot as an iPhone app pick of the week:
  • Track your strokes, putts, fairways, clubs, distances, sand saves and more
  • Keep score for up to four players each round
  • See the distance from your last shot and to the green on courses tagged with GPS locations
  • Email scorecards after a round
  • Upload your rounds to or and get an official USGA handicap index
2. VentureBeat covered some interesting products from the DEMO conference. VentureBeat's founder, Matt Marshall, co-executive produced the event.

a) The Touch Book by Always Innovating. "Laptop computer, handheld game device, e-book reader and video the perfect all-in-one second notebook."

Claims 10 to 15 hours of battery life, weighs under 2 pounds, starts at $299. Its screen can rotate, and can be twisted to face opposite its keyboard for a full laptop experience.

b) Cc:Betty provides a product that claims to make it easier to follow email conversations.

Email threads can be annoying to follow. Cc:Betty provides a single view of an entire conversation, and an overview of any files, places, images or videos included in the exchange.

"Its beauty is simplicity. The only thing you have to do is cc your emails to Betty, and they’re collected automatically by its eponymous virtual assistant and presented to you on a centralized web page. Betty offers you a link to this site whenever you correspond with her, so that you can go there seamlessly during your work flow.

There’s no download, and it only requires your email address and password for registration. The person you’re emailing with doesn’t even have to be registered for the product to work.

It also collects all of your files under tabs, so that you can find maps of locations contained in your correspondence and related attachments in an orderly way."

3. The NY Times DealBook recently announced that Vidyo, an online video conferencing start-up, has landed $15 million in a third round of funding, led by Menlo Ventures.

The previous backers Rho Ventures, Sevin Rosen Funds and Star Ventures also ponied up for the round. Vidyo, has raised a total of $38 million in funding to-date.

From the Vidyo site: "VidyoConferencing solutions just work. Easily. Reliably. Inexpensively. Pleasingly. From anywhere. And that’s because Vidyo provides for high-quality, low-latency, highly resilient, broad-based deployments over general-purpose networks with the introduction of the first multi-point video conferencing solution designed to work like the Internet itself.

That’s right — out is the old MCU-centric model and in is the first solution for video conferencing designed specifically for the world of distributed computing — all thanks to Vidyo’s unique intellectual property and the advent of the VidyoRouter™."

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