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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Victim of the Negative Thoughts Fog

A thoughtful friend occasionally emails a note entitled "Just a Thought. " A recent missive contained this thought: "Negative thoughts fog your thinking and your perception. With each doubt, with each frustration, with each fear the fog grows heavier."

Good thoughts, I thought. Packing my brief case for the day, I thought of other thoughtful friends. I emailed the thought about negative thoughts to them. And, running a little late, I left for a client.

I arrived at the client and, without thinking, I reached into my brief case.

No computer.

In the fog of thoughts about negative thinking I never thought to pack the one item I absolutely needed for my presentation to the client. Frustrated, and thinking negative thoughts about my thinking, I feared I might not have enough time to make it home and back. Despite my doubts, I made it through the fog and returned to the client in time to deliver my presentation about the energy that comes from ... positive thinking.


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