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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Do You Project a Sense of Urgency?

Sometimes I think we are worried about projecting a sense of urgency because it might make us look like we are desperate or panicked. And other times we actually don't have a sense of urgency, and it shows.

Looking back on some of the "easier" sales I've made over the years, I probably projected a high sense of urgency because I really felt we could help the prospective client and I wanted to get started so they could get where they needed to be. By having this mentality, it allowed me to recognize the prospect's reservations, get though them quickly and get the deal signed.

Whether you're in sales or not -- if your business is getting either internal or external people to do something -- having a well-placed sense of urgency is critical. If you give someone the opportunity to not act, they will usually take it. That's why you "ask for the sale" or ask for a commitment from a colleague.

The May 2009 edition of Entrepreneur contains this article on 'urgency'. Here are some highlights:
1) Urgency is what gets top sellers up in the morning and keeps them fired up all day. Their attitude is, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me, and I determine my own success or failure.” They’re constantly asking themselves, “What do I need to do next to move this sale forward? What actions do I have to take to get it done?” It’s about putting your ideas and strategies in motion.

2) ...when there’s real opportunity, top sellers are relentless. A voice inside them keeps saying, “Don’t let customers miss the many ways they can truly benefit from you and your service.”

3) To sell well, we need to prioritize specific goals for all of our activities and then act on them with confidence, conviction and a desire to move things forward.
Replace the word "sell" in #3 with whatever it is you do and there's a great chance you will be more successful.

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