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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Energy Savings For Your Car

MIT is developing shock absorbers for your car that will turn the wasted heat of the shock's vertical motion into power to charge your battery and power the headlights and stereo. This will reduce the load of the gasoline-powered alternator.

The technology has proven most effective in larger vehicles / trucks so far. MIT estimates their shocks in Wal-Mart's fleet would save them $13 million a year.

For smaller vehicles, MIT hopes to combine their shocks with other energy-saving technologies that already exist:
"Regenerative braking converts the car’s motion into electricity as the vehicle comes to a stop, and BMW and Honda are designing devices that recover heat from engine exhaust. The ability to capture vehicle energy creatively is not limited to the car itself: London and Israel plan to embed generators in roads to harvest energy dissipated by the traffic running over them."
Look for more of these type of technologies to emerge as smart people pinpoint areas of our every day life where these type of energy-harvesting technologies can be applied. If you know any of these people or startups that need funding or some startup guidance, let us know.

Read more at Discover and MIT.

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