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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Getting Out of Your Rut

Seth Godin recently posted a list of 45 items to get you/your company out of its rut.

Here are the items we are working on amongst our various teams:

11. Start a blog
14. Go on tour and visit your best customers in person
15. Answer the customer service line for a day
16. Learn to be a killer presenter
18. Delete your website and start over with the simplest possible site
21. Listen to audio books in your car instead of the radio
23. Find more products for your existing customers to buy
31. Find every project that is near the danger zone (in terms of p&l or deadlines) and cancel it, no appeals
33. Get an RSS reader and read a lot more blogs
45. Do the work.

#14: it's so easy to fall into the rut of doing great work for your clients month after month, quarter after quarter, without ever really talking with them, listening to them. Deadlines seem to always take precedent.

Our organization is making a concerted effort to "go on tour" and listen to our clients about what's working, what's not and find out what they need. Even though this almost always turns into more work, we definitely don't do it enough. We need to get better at listening, and making the time to do so. Probably a decent idea with the non-client humans in our lives as well.

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