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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Renewable Energy Search Engine: reegle

If you seek renewable energy information, the reegle search engine site could be for you.

Does the search engine have breadth and depth? Not yet, but search engines take time to develop, so please be patient. Visit reegle for their other functionality which I think you will find helpful:
-a catalog of leading clean energy stakeholders;
-a news feed that collects stories from 10 leading environmental, energy efficiency, and renewable energy news sites; and
-a slew of widgets that let users track their carbon footprint, calculate savings from using eco-friendly paper products, and more.
One of reegle's best features is its search-able global map. You can click on the map to find out the latest news, events and clean energy developments in that area.

Reegle is brought to you by the Renewable Energy and Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) and Renewable Energy Network for the 21st Century (REN21).

I recommend at the very least using reegle's news feed, it has proven to be a decent source for varied renewable energy news.

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