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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

An Apple Television

I think Apple should sell a flat screen tv that incorporates all of the features of Apple computers, Apple TV and the iPhone. The tv should come with a wireless keyboard/mouse and a lap tray with an optional stand included.

Here are six good reasons for this new flat screen from vc blog
1.Apple has proven they can charge a premium and do very well in commodity businesses.

2. The large iMacs and larger displays already have the aesthetics of a television. Apple would make a flat screen that people would be proud to hang on their wall.

3. Their current TV product, Apple TV, is a stand-alone set-top like product. This will likely change. Over the next two years, every TV manufacturer is adding an Internet menu stack similar to that of a cell-phone. Some vendors already have products on the market. By the end of 2010 every TV will have an Internet menu which means the stand-alone product will be increasingly difficult. Therefore, Apple may be forced to build an actual TV if they want to play in this market.

4. This is an annual $35 billion market. If Apple could get 10%, that would be $3.5 billion in sales per year.

5. The home run. Build it around iPhone ecosystem. Get your entire music library. Stocks, weather, photos – done. Pandora – done. YouTube – done. And thousands of other apps. Importantly, think about what this means for gaming. All the casual games for the iPhone are now on your TV. And of course, the iPhone itself (or an iPod Touch) becomes the remote, complete with accelerometer. Now you have a Wii competitor.

6. Distribution system already exists via the Apple stores.
Apple, what are you waiting for?

I would buy one, would you?

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