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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Have Any Extra Office Space You Aren't Using?

If your business has open offices, cubicles or unused conference rooms, iStopOver would like to rent them out for you to make your business some extra cash.

Meeting rooms at hotels can be expensive, working out of Starbucks might not be ideal -- iStopOver hopes to match business travelers with local businesses who have space they aren't using. From the iStopOver site:
iStopOver for Office Rentals specifically caters to direct rental of business space. iStopOver for Office Rentals is a website where you can rent excess business space for occasional use and benefit from all the conveniences of your own work facility without long term costs or commitments. For cubicles, desk space, offices, meeting rooms, boardrooms, presentation centers, warehouses, studios - even parking spots, iStopOver lists all types of available spaces.

Guests can use iStopOver to find a suitable place to work from. You don’t have to work out of coffee shops or expensive hotel boardrooms; start enjoying all the convenience of your own workspace, without long term costs and commitments. With iStopOver you can rent the type of space you need, whenever you need it.

Hosts can list on our website for FREE and pay a small fee only after your space has been rented. You provide the listing - we provide all the necessary tools and tips to get you started and market your listing.
It will take some time for iStopOver to ramp up their database with listings, but if done properly, this could be a great resource for finding affordable meeting and/or work space when you're traveling.

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