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Monday, June 1, 2009

Run, Don't Walk or Stand Still

During the Great Depression my grandfather would stand outside a railroad construction office like the one pictured to the right and hope to be picked for that day's work. A slender high school graduate, his routine over the next month was consistent, get to the office early, wait, rejection, walk home.

Then one hot summer day the regular young man who fetched water for the workers didn't show up. My grandfather got his shot. He was shown the pond that he was to haul the buckets of water from. He dunked the first bucket and felt the stagnant warm water. This would not do. Why would they ask someone back who delivered disgusting warm water.

He knew of a stream in the area and decided to run full speed to it. The water was cold. He sprinted back as fast as he could and delivered two partially filled buckets. The workers were thrilled with the clean cold water. Back and forth he went.

The next morning when the supervisor began his selections, he pointed to my grandfather and said, "we need him." The first person chosen. Shortly thereafter he was full-time.

We've written before about being aggressive and not standing still during these difficult times. Do a little research, come up with differentiable solutions for your clients and start running.

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