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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Smart & Creative Customer Service: Netflix

If you're Netflix and you want to get people watching your movies online, the email below is what you do if you know there was a disruption of your service. Sometimes it's enough to just acknowledge you messed up, as opposed to referring your customers to the legal mumbo jumbo of the service agreement about "up time" as many companies do. Throwing in a small discount is the icing on the cake of this apology / brand-building / customer service / email Netflix sent to their customers about the issue. Refreshing.

From Signal vs. Noise:

Ian Hall writes: “Last night I was passively watching (or more listening than anything) to Eco-Trip with my daughter while we fixed dinner. All of a sudden the sound gets all garbled. I figure the encoding is off and think nothing of it until this morning I receive the following email. Now THAT is customer service. Netflix knew I might be upset (or at least have noticed) the interruption and so, proactively, they allowed me to request a credit for a small amount of my bill. Now while 3% of my bill isn’t really going to add up, it makes me FEEL 100x better. And here I am gurgling over my feelings and the attention Netflix pays to their customers.”

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