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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Can Google Eat Into Microsoft's Operating System Monopoly?

Google announced that they are releasing an operating system software - Chrome OS - this fall or early 2010 that will run netbooks and eventually full-size desktop systems. Google is suggesting that this new operating system, based on their browser called Chrome, will change the way personal computers run.

Google also claims the operating software is faster and more web-friendly than Windows. The system supports cloud computing and will be available as open source technology soon.

Changing the way personal computers run is not a bad idea. PCs were built with an operating system that didn't have the web in mind. Browsers were built to get PC users onto the web. Google is creating an operating system / browser with cloud computing and the web as its focus which could eliminate viruses, malware, and security updates that current operating systems (mostly Windows) face.

As we move towards cloud computing (applications that exist and run on the web) the interface we use becomes more and more important. A good portion of the documents we share in our business are in Google Docs. We run our business with an application that is online. And since Chrome OS will be free, the price is right.

Much like a lot of Google offerings, the change might not be overnight as we are wired to resist change, but over time Chrome OS has a decent chance of replacing Windows on some of the computers around the world. Time will tell how many.


-CNET thinks Microsoft has nothing to worry about

-The NY Times argues that Google cheapens its brand by offering products for free

-The Wall Street Journal thinks Chrome OS could help start-ups

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