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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Social Media Timeline

Last week, Dr. Sean Carton, the Chief Creative Officer of our web division (idfive), posted the following Social Media Timeline graphic at the idfive blog - Sean created the graphic as part of his preparation for speaking at the 2009 eduWEB conference in Chicago.

Sean wrote:
"It's definitely NOT to scale and I'm sure that plenty of people could quibble with what I chose to include as examples of "social media," (I define "social media" as "technologies that facilitate conversations") but I think it provides a pretty interesting overview of where this stuff came from and how long it's been around."
What I took away from this graphic is that it's important to remember that these applications/sites go in and out of favor over time. The next crop will undoubtedly have different bells and whistles - advanced features, "cooler stuff", all of which will better facilitate conversations.

As marketers we need to put the product where the right audience will see it, hear it, read it. This used to mean tv, radio, and newspapers as the major focus. Sure, people still watch tv, listen to the radio and read newspapers (I think), but not as much as they used to.

Our audiences today might be on Facebook, or Twitter or We need to be creative about helping our clients integrate their products with these sites/apps in a way that fits in with the community and improves the conversation.

The great part about marketing today is the ability for our clients to have these conversations with a large chunk of their audience in a meaningful way from their desk. And with search, if you do it right, the audience will be able to find you from their desk and join your conversation.

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