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Monday, August 24, 2009

Andreessen Backs New Browser: RockMelt

I pay attention to where Warren Buffet invests Berkshire Hathaway money because he is right a decent portion of the time. I pay attention to the startups that Marc Andreessen funds for the same reason.

Back in February we talked about Andreessen's appearance on Charlie Rose and his new fund under the Andreessen Horowitz umbrella.

Andreessen announced recently that he is investing in a new browser technology called RockMelt. Andreessen knows a thing or two about browsers, he developed Netscape way back when.

Earlier this summer, Andreessen said that the internet has become a network of complex Web sites that need a new kind of browser to effectively deliver services to end users. "There are all kinds of things that you would do differently if you are building a browser from scratch," he told the NY Times.

RockMelt will face a crowded browser space. It will have to deliver something differentiable to get people to pay attention. There's "
market leader Microsoft, second-place Firefox, Apple's Safari, Google's Chrome and others. Also, Flock, for example, offers what it calls a "social Web browser" that acts as a single interface to the largest social networks, such as Facebook and MySpace."

As with Buffet, betting against Andreessen is not a great idea. Expect RockMelt to have an impact, or at the very least make Andreessen Horowitz investors some money.

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