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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Capitalizing on Viral Video: Sony

You might be one of the 18-million plus people who watched the "JK Wedding Entrance Dance" video where Jill Peterson, Kevin Heinz and their wedding party make a grand entrance to the Chris Brown song "Forever."

This article talks about how Sony was able to monetize the viral wedding video while Simon Cowell was unable to make anything off of the more than 100 million YouTube views of the Susan Boyle video.

Sony saw the wedding video as a way to make money, which is important to remember as similar rights owners are having videos like these yanked because of "copyright" violations -- which technically this video is, but why lose out on the revenue.

Sony contacted YouTube and allowed them to keep the video up provided they could share in the ad revenue the video generated. They also added "Click-toBuy" links over the video so viewers could purchase Forever on Amazon or at iTunes. The song catapulted to #4 in the iTunes music store and #3 on Amazon.

Who doesn't get paid? The wedding party of course. They should just be happy they weren't sued for playing the song publicly.

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