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Monday, August 31, 2009

'Cloud' Computing: What Does it Mean for Consumers and Marketers?

In today's ClickZ article, Sean Carton wrote about the move to the 'cloud' and what that means for consumers and marketers. Some highlights:
1. Consumers are starting to leave the hardware behind. The gaming industry has seen a 30 percent decline in video game console sales.

2. While people aren't buying the gaming hardware as much, there has been a 22 percent increase in online gaming. They're still gaming, just not via the consoles.

3. Netbooks sales are up. Trends are leaning towards smaller, lightweight computers that can get Internet access anywhere via broadband plans from AT&T or Verizon Wireless. Some would say the iPhone fits this exact description.

4. "Netbook-centric" operating systems are replacing the need for Apple and Microsoft. As the world moves from "atoms to bits" -- music from records/cds to mp3s; movies and tv from video tapes/dvds to streaming sites like Netflix & Hulu and documents from paper to floppy discs to the Internet. "It's inevitable that whatever becomes digital moves into the cloud."

5. For marketers, this will present an opportunity "to reach customers across all aspects of their lives, rather than just when they're in front of their Web browsers." Mobile Marketing will need to be prepared for even more mobility from consumers - "we will need to pay pay more attention to where they are physically as well as what they're looking at and when."

6. "We'll also have to take into account that the always-on consumer is going to have a lot more chances to make their voices heard and we'll have to respond by really understanding how to manage brands and reputations in an increasingly mobile, social space."
photo credit: PC Mag

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