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Saturday, August 15, 2009

iPhone Apps: Bringing Back the Album

This Wired article, "The Album Is Dead, Long Live the App" has an interesting take on how music artists are using iPhone apps to bring back "bundles" of their work that more resemble an album, or at least a music cd.

The iTunes music store changed how we buy music - one song at a time. Hear a new song that you like, go to the iTunes store and buy it. A "one off" distribution system that has served Apple well. If they haven't hit it already, iTunes is approaching seven billion songs sold. They average a billion songs sold about every five and a half months, the six billionth song was sold in January 2009.

Through iLike's dashboard feature, artists are now selling their own customized iPhone apps that include songs, music videos, photos, news, games, concert listings, "community" features, etc...
"Now that iLike has allowed app creation to scale across hundreds of thousands of bands, and other mobile platforms are emulating Apple’s modular app concept, the artist-specific app could become a formidable music format in its own right.

If that happens, the idea of buying a bundle of music won’t die with the album — it will survive with the app."

Keep your eye on iLike. They just launched their own music download store, they have Facebook's most popular music application, and they're profitable. The company has tremendous growth potential.

Related: iLike rumoured to be raising new capital in an effort to push out early investor Ticketmaster.

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