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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Are You On Your Customer's Radar?

Do your customers know what you're up to? What you've been doing for some of your other clients, what you've learned recently, what's been working, what hasn't? Have you been to any interesting events, heard any interesting speakers lately? Spoken somewhere, worked on an interesting job that had interesting results? Do you have a new product or service? Have you conducted research that your clients could benefit from?

Think of a customer you haven't worked with in awhile, do they know the answer to any of the questions above? Probably not. You need to think about getting on their radar.

How about a customer you're working with currently, do they have answers to any of the questions above? Keeping both active and inactive customers informed and paying attention to you is important. You'll stand a much better chance of getting work out of the customers who are "stagnant" and more work out of those that are active.

Staying current with press releases, digital newsletters, your company blog, and other social media outlets will allow your customers to follow what you're up to in whatever way they choose. There are plenty of tools out there to keep the conversation going with your clients.

Important: As long as you provide content that will benefit your clients
, there's a good chance the conversation will turn into more work for you. One of our five principles of growth is "Knowing What You Don't Know." If our customers know everything we do, they don't need us. We try to keep our customers informed on topics they don't have the time to follow. The topics that we live and breathe every day and therefore should know better than most. This is the information our clients can benefit from.

Reminder: if you're going to email your clients updates on what you're up to, get their permission first. Nobody likes to be bombarded with information they didn't ask for, even if they know you. They will appreciate you asking first.

Also, if you need help pulling together a social media strategy to keep in contact with current and future clients, click the "Contact Us" link to the right and we'll keep this conversation going with you.

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