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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Do You Have a Social Media Strategy? Here Are Ten Questions To Get You Started

We've been talking about social media quite a bit around the office lately. Clients want to know how they should be approaching social media. For his ClickZ article this week, our Chief Creative Officer, Sean Carton, came up with ten important questions you need to answer before developing your social media strategy.

Why are these questions so important? As Sean points out in the article:
"...a recent Center for Media Research report has me worried. After surveying more than 1,000 people with media buying or planning responsibilities, the center found that "having a presence on social networks" is one of the top priorities for media plans in 2010. Why should that worry me? Because I've only rarely encountered people with actual strategies behind their social media push."
Here are the ten questions (please see the full paragraph surrounding each question in the article):
1. What are we trying to accomplish?

2. Why social media?

3. What kind of social media will help us best achieve our goals?

4. Are we prepared to let go of control of our brand, at least a little?

5. What will we do to encourage participation?

6. Who will maintain our social media presence?

7. Do we have the resources to keep this up, or will this be a short campaign?

8. How does engaging users via social media integrate into our overall marketing and communications strategy?

9. How do we measure success? What constitutes failure?

10. What will we do less of if we're spending resources on social media?
If you'd like to go over any of these questions as you're considering your answers, click on "Contact Us" to the right.

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