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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gmail Moves Into #3 Email Spot: Still Trails Hotmail & Yahoo

According to ComScore, Gmail recently moved into the #3 email spot by passing AOL with 37 million unique visitors a month -- up from 25.3 million a year ago (48%). Gmail now trails Hotmail which averages 47 million unique visitors (down from their high two years ago) and Yahoo which is far out in the lead with 106 million, and 22% growth year-over-year.

Gmail is growing as more people use Google services. Also, Google does an excellent job of promoting itself. More importantly, Google provides frequent updates to its products which users appreciate. They recently provided an "import contacts" service so you can capture contacts from other web-based email programs, making it much easier to switch.

Another reason for Gmail's rapid growth, according to this article, is that Gmail provides a better experience, Gmail users are more engaged with the mail messages they receive than other email users.

In a recent study looking at over 184 million emails, the emails "sent to Gmail users had a 30.94% open rate, compared with 25.54% for mails sent to domains, 20.09% sent to domains and 23.79% sent to domains. The study also found that Gmail users exhibited a 7.41% click rate, compared with click rates less than 5% for the other services."

These numbers support the notion that Gmail is winning the spam wars. Their users believe the content they are receiving is relevant and they click thru.

Yahoo has some time to reverse current trends. By my simple calculations, at current user and growth rates, Gmail doesn't pass Yahoo mail until July 2015.

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