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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Losing the Hyphen: Will You Shop at Walmart, But Not Wal-Mart?

Has the hyphen been keeping you away? Someone at Wal-Mart thinks so. Apparently, the corporation Wal-Mart is still "Wal-Mart" but the STORES are now Walmart. This change was implemented about a year ago, but apparently the media isn't catching on, as Wal-Mart reminded everyone at the end of their recent earnings statement.

According to this article, Wal-Mart is trying to update the image of its re-modeled stores. They are using the bad economy to attract new customers (which we wrote about in March) and they don't want to lose them when the economy turns around.

I'm not sure if losing the hyphen will help, but adding the sun to the right side of the logo makes the logo look brighter - not sure if the stores are actually any brighter. Its hard to update your image when your stores have pallets filled with product in every aisle. Losing the pallets would've been a good idea.

Coca-Cola would argue that a hyphen works fine. They've been using it for 123 years. Coca-Cola sold over $31 billion worth of product last year in over 200 countries. Their original logo (seen at the right) has kept its basic look since the inventor of Coke, Dr. John Stith Pemberton, had his partner and bookkeeper, Frank M. Robinson write out the name in his unique script back in 1886.

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