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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Non-Traditional Media Spending to Pass Traditional Media in 2010

The Center for Media Research recently conducted a comprehensive study on media planning and buying activities for 2010. The study "provides intelligence of what is on the horizon for the next year... with input from more than 1,972 participants, including 1,164 having planning, buying and approving responsibility."

Partial findings:
-Planned spending for 2010 is larger for non-traditional media than traditional media.

-57% of those who plan, buy, approve media will buy non-traditional media, including online, display video, search, mobile, event sponsorships.

-Those who plan, buy, approve media would ideally buy presence on a social network.

-Almost two times more would ideally buy mobile video than will realistically buy it.

-Agencies and brands both would ideally buy more national TV than they will realistically buy.

-57% will buy email marketing and 56% will buy presence on a social network.
This all makes sense -- advertise where the audience is. People are on Facebook, they are using Twitter; if you're going to catch their attention and your product is right for them, social networks are decent place to focus your ad placement.

A year ago Facebook users were spending an average of one and a half hours on Facebook per month -- today they are spending five hours a month. Spread out over 250 million people, that's a lot of time. Over half of their 250 million users log into Facebook everyday.

How will you be getting in front of your audience in the coming months? Not sure? Drop us a line, we'll figure it out with you.

Thanks: Sean

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