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Monday, October 12, 2009

The Next Big Party: Mobile Marketing & The Six Big Trends Changing Everything

Sean Carton put together two excellent pieces over the last week.

A) In today's ClickZ article, Sean covers Mobile Marketing: Eleven Lessons Learned From Search; and

B) In a presentation to PR professionals last week, Sean went over the Six Big Trends Changing Everything.

The highlights of each:
A. The Next Big Party: Mobile Marketing - Eleven Lessons Learned From Search

The mobile ad market is predicted to grow from $160 million in 2008 to as high as $3.1 billion in 2013. Effective mobile marketing is going to be about search. If you're going to attend this next big party, Sean put together these party rules for you:
  1. Don't charge admission: search must be free.
  2. Don't trick your guests: be predictable, give them the party they came for.
  3. Give your guests choices: advertisers need enough choices to match their specific goals to the product they are offering.
  4. Have good security: keep spammers and scammers out.
  5. Tailor your food and drink to your guests: advertisers need choices, so will your users, try to keep them both happy.
  6. Don't make your guests think too much: keep it simple, this is a party - no one wants to have to think - make it comfortable.
  7. Let people have the kind of fun they want to have -- within limits: having an open API has allowed Google to expand and has created many innovations. Mobile marketing will need to be as open.
  8. Similarly, if your friends want to help, let them! Let people get involved, like Google with Adwords and Blogger. For mobile marketing to work, it must expand out beyond the search engine.
  9. Don't be evil: respect advertisers and users, treat them fairly and openly.
  10. Remember, people are at your party to have fun: mobile advertisers need to remember the context of mobile search - people are on the go and need quick and useful information. Display ads just get in the way, especially the ones that hover over content. Integrate ads in a way that won't annoy users.
  11. Be helpful, considerate and don't interrupt.

B. The Six Big Trends Changing Everything (presentation link & embedded slides below)
  1. The consumer is in control
  2. The move from atoms to bits
  3. Moving from real time to MY time
  4. The end of centralization
  5. The future is always on
  6. The end of the desktop
Sean will be presenting The Six Big Trends Changing Everything at the Five Group Speaker Series event on Thursday, October 22nd from 4 pm - 7 pm. Details here. If you would like to get on the invite list, click on the "Contact Us" link to the right and get us your email.

Sean's PRSA Teleseminar Presentation.

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