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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tracing the Journey of a Single Bit

At our annual holiday party we give out Transparent Pixel Awards to the top performers of the year in each of our businesses. Ted has won so many he has them coming out of his ears.

In the graphics space, the pixel is the smallest unit of a raster image... a picture. The photo of Ted to the right is made up of 57,920 pixels.

In computing, a bit is the basic unit of information. A bit can have only one of two possible binary values: 0 or 1. It's easy to forget that these bits actually physically exist in the world. When we send an email, we are sending actual bits at a very high speed through wires, cables, routers, switches, etc...

This interesting piece from Wired traces the journey of a single bit through the major hubs of digital traffic in Canada and the US.



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