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Thursday, January 28, 2010

21 Things We're Learning to Live Without

I enjoyed this article from US News & World Report. "With jobs and money scarce, consumers are taking inventory and tossing lots of stuff once deemed important into a humongous discard pile. To safeguard the essentials—a safe home and supportive community, the kids' education, Internet connectivity, sustenance for a pet—Americans are giving up lots of other things."

US News "synthesized market research, business trends, economic data, and reports from hundreds of consumers into a list of things that many people seem to be significantly cutting back on, or living without completely." Click on the article link above to read more info on each item. Here are the 21 items we're learning to live without:
1. Monthly payments
2. Window shopping
3. Bells and whistles
4. Clutter
5. Cable TV
6. A home phone
7. Privacy
8. Prepared foods
9. Tupperware parties
10. Packaged cigarettes
11. Lattes
12. Guilt
13. Extra Calories
14. Newspapers and magazines
15. Healthcare
16. New gifts
17. New cars
18. Comfort
19. A daily commute
20. Fancy dates
21. Debt



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