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Friday, January 29, 2010

Your Own iPhone App For $199

You can create your own iPhone app for as little as $199 with AppMaker. It will be a content distribution app to let the world know what you're doing, or to simply provide users with whatever content you would like them to digest.

All you have to do is provide AppMaker with the RSS feed for the content you want distributed and some imagery:
-320 x 480 pixel splash screen
-320 x 46 pixel header
-512 x 512 pixel icon for iTunes
AppMakr builds and submits your app to the iTunes App Store.

Sure, people can already subscribe to your RSS feed with various resources, but remember, this is a "medium" and "find me easier" play. It's how I think of Twitter. If you want to be found, go where the people are looking and allow them to find you and experience your brand via the medium of their choice. You're giving your new audience the option of interacting with you on their terms, a much more likely conversion than waiting/demanding that they meet you at the medium of your choice and on your terms.

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