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Monday, March 1, 2010

10 Reasons Your Marketing Message is Not Working

Grace forwarded me this article because it reminded her of the kind of messaging clients bring to us for help. The article points out the ten reasons as to why your messaging is not working (see the article for further info on each):
1. You're arrogant.
2. You're pushy.
3. You're rambling.
4. You're boring.
5. You're not believable.
6. You're not saying what people want to hear.
7. You're marketing in the wrong place.
8. You're putting the cart before the horse.
9. You're a one trick pony.
10. You're not making sense.
If you are writing a "how to" manual about your business and pretending it is your messaging, no one is going to care, unless they are starting a competing business and will use it to get started and then crush you.

The bottom line is, your marketing message is not about you - it's about your clients and their needs. Don't make the mistake of thinking it's about the attributes of your audience, it's about the circumstance your audience finds themselves in regardless of their attributes.

And don't forget it's not about the features you provide, it's about the benefit those features bring to your buyers. A lot of companies out there just list their features and hope the audience makes a connection to the benefits - they won't, they're barely paying attention.

Focus on the circumstance (the problem) your prospects face and demonstrate the simple solution (the benefit) you provide and people will pay more attention because after all, no one cares about you, they care about themselves and their problems.

They will care slightly more than not at all about you after you solve their problem, and they might even tell someone about it after - in the context of how awesome they are for picking you of course, but that's fine too. If you solve their problem more than once, you might just have a loyal customer - but you can't get there if you can't capture their attention first.

Thanks Grace.



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