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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mobile Internet: Almost Three Hours a Day for Americans put together this post on Mobile Internet usage. Americans spend almost three hours online via their mobile devices each day, according to a new study of mobile internet use by Ruder Finn.

“Mobile phones have become the way people organize their lives - managing finances, connecting with friends, purchasing products - and this trend will only accelerate,” said Kathy Bloomgarden, Ruder Finn co-CEO.

The mobile phone is becoming the most powerful online device, and the faster businesses can adapt their services to harness consumer mobile intent, the more rapidly they can capitalize on understanding their customers to drive growth.

Some stats:
1. As of Q4, 2009 – 234 million people age 13 and older in the US used mobile devices.

2. 91% of mobile users go online to socialize. "Traditional" web users (desktop PC, laptop) go online to socialize 79% of the time.
Other activities users do on the mobile web:
3. 62% send and receive instant messages

4. 58% forward emails

5. 45% post comments on social networking sites

6. 43% connect with others on social networking sites
Mobile phone use differs by gender and age:
7. When shopping, men are more likely than women to compare prices (47% vs. 30%), but women are more likely to purchase (40% vs. 30%).

8. Men (79%) are much more likely than women (61%) to use their mobile phone to simply “escape.”

9. Youth (44%) are more likely to shop over their mobile phones than the average mobile user (35%).

10. Seniors (82%) are much more likely than the traditional user (64%) to use their mobile phones to educate themselves.
This is what your customers are doing online using their mobile device nearly three hours a day. What are YOU doing to reach them during this 18.75% chunk of their waking day. Are you targeting your marketing to these users where they are looking? If not, you're wasting your money and your shareholders money. Eventually you will hear from them about it, probably via a text.

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