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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Verizon iPhone? And 15 Features Apple Must Build Into OS 4

The Wall Street Journal reported today that Apple may be developing an iPhone for Verizon. The new iPhone is being developed to work on a CDMA network. Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel use CDMA technology.

What's exciting about the possibility of a Verizon iPhone is that it might actually be able to be used as a phone. Additionally, its apps, web browsing and email functionality could be used without any help. I have been on the Verizon network with my iPhone for quite some time via the Verizon MiFi for everything except calls. I love the MiFi, but it is frustrating to have to pay for it each month in addition to paying AT&T for a "network" I rarely use.

The move makes great sense for Apple and Verizon, not so much for AT&T. So long AT&T, I hardly used ya.

The Verizon iPhone wouldn't be out until late this year, presumably running OS 4. About a month ago, Business Insider talked to a handful of iPhone app developers and put together the following list of 15 Features Apple Must Build Into iPhone OS 4. Here's some of the items we can hopefully look forward to. Check out the article for details on each:
  1. Background processing for third-party apps
  2. Music API for background audio
  3. iBooks and the iBookstore
  4. An amazing mobile ad system
  5. Overhaul push notifications
  6. A better iPhone lock screen
  7. Text and multimedia messaging from within an app
  8. A unified inbox for all your email accounts
  9. Better access to the camera for augmented reality and photo apps
  10. Wireless sync to iTunes
  11. Important update to in-app purchasing for virtual goods
  12. Ways for apps to talk to each other
  13. Spotlight search within apps
  14. An App Store overhaul
  15. Support for more than one Exchange account

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