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Monday, April 19, 2010

Microsoft Courier

Over on the idfive blog, Andres put together a good post on the Microsoft Courier. Perhaps an alternative to Apple's iPad.

The first details on the Courier and its folding dual-screen design came out last year. The word now is that it might be out by early 2011.

From "According to information leaking out of Microsoft, the designers haven't yet decided what the target market for this product is going to be. The original plan had been to make a digital organizer for creative work, but engineers are now considering making it a more general-purpose computer."

The small computer is believed to be 5" x 7", less than an inch thick and weighs just over one pound. It will run on the same OS as Windows Phone 7 and under the latest plan will come with:

  • a web browser;
  • email software;
  • an address book;
  • a to do list;
  • a calendar;
  • e-book software;
  • a built-in camera; and
  • a headphone jack.
Check out the demo videos Andres embedded in his post. From watching those, it appears text will be entered by handwriting with a stylus.

Microsoft vs. Apple, the Courier vs. the iPad – the more the merrier. Maybe it's better/on purpose that the Courier might not be released until 2011. It will give Microsoft the chance to design the Courier to fill any gaps left by the iPad. However, if it takes them three years like it did with the Windows Phone 7 Series as the first real challenge to the iPhone, it might not matter. Think about where the iPad will be three years from now.

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