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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sean Carton: What to Do With Social Media

Sean Carton's most recent ClickZ article explores what we should do with social media marketing. Should we focus on brand recognition? Click-thru response? Both? Neither?

Here are the highlights:

1. A recent study reveals that 91 percent of marketers integrate social media. 65 percent are new to it in recent months.
-Marketing where your audience spends their time make sense. If you're part of the 65 percent, don't worry, the other 35 percent is still trying to figure this out too.
2. "A recent survey discovered that Facebook is the website most visited by people at work."
-Researching other businesses I'm sure.
3. "There are plenty of folks who tout the efficacy of Twitter and Facebook and other social media services as the way to market, but I think that we're at the stage now with social media where banner advertising was around 2000 or 2001."
-Sean explains this as the "response" vs. "brand" debate from ten years ago. When banner ads were splashed all over the web some argued that only the click-thrus mattered, others argued that having your brand out there in front of the audience was important whether the audience clicked or not. The same discussion is taking place with social media.
4. This joint study by Nielsen & Facebook "looks at Facebook advertising from a number of dimensions, the bottom line is this: Facebook advertising works to increase brand awareness regardless of response and gets even more effective when combined with social connections. Facebook ads can help build brand on their own, but if your friends are tied in, things really get good...and even better if they're tied in with mentions in your Facebook news feeds."
-Brand+; the further it's integrated within social connectivity.
5. "It's not "brand" vs. "response." It's both...and it's both in combination with how social connections are worked in. Complex stuff, to be sure, but that same complexity is what allows us to be creative with how we market. Don't sweat it if you haven't figured it all out yet: keep experimenting, keep learning, and, above all, avoid those who tell you that they have the answer. They don't. They didn't 10 years ago either."
Well put Dr. Carton.

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