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Friday, May 21, 2010

Facebook Privacy Tools

Over on the idfive blog, Andres posted this piece on Facebook's privacy policy. Bill followed up with this visual that looks at how Facebook's privacy policy has grown to over 5,800 words over the years.

You've probably been reading about the controversy. If you're unfamiliar, you can start with the San Francisco Chronicle's Unfriendly Facebook. Or any of these on Google News.

Facebook created this mess by instituting new privacy policies without explaining to users how the policies would affect them, how users could opt out, and then changing the updated options numerous times creating much confusion.

While Facebook ponders how to fix this, these tools can help you feel more comfortable that you have your privacy settings at a level you're comfortable with.

1. ReclaimPrivacy: scans your Facebook settings and let you know where you’re at risk. Simply visit the site and drag the free “Scan for Privacy” button up to your browser’s bookmarks toolbar. Log into Facebook, click the bookmark, and it instantly analyzes your privacy settings in a popup window, letting you know what’s “secure” and where you may be at risk.

2. Untangle’s SaveFace: locks down your Facebook profile completely. It installs in an identical fashion to ReclaimPrivacy – visit the SaveFace site and drag the icon to your toolbar. This time when you log in and click the bookmark, it changes all your settings to “friends only.”

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