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Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Blog Post from 2050

You've undoubtedly heard about Google's new browser plug-in: the fluxC 1.21 – it works pretty well. The problem is, it's very difficult to search for items in the far future because we have no idea what everything is called. Presumably, people have the same names, so I searched to see what our Chief Creative Officer, Sean Carton, was up to in 2050. The plug-in spit out Sean's most thought about post from that year.

Please keep in mind that Sean is in his early 80's when he telepathed this post. Also, he wasn't using Google Memory Assist as he reminisced "old school" (with his own mind) to the best of his ability about the time period we exist in currently. You can read the full post here. The highlights of some of the items Sean thought all the way back to 2010 about:
1. Offices: physically working in the same place...silly.
2. Email: was about as effective as two tin cans and a string must have been.
3. Ad tracking: you would pick a # out of thin air and plan around it, genius.
4. Social networks: when privacy still existed.
5. Coffee: was still liquid, all those bathroom trips.
6. Telephones: just sat there and had no idea where you were. Desktop phones were more like Stupidphones.
7. Ad agencies: worked 9 to 5 (the good old days) and placed ads manually (didn't they already do that in the 1400's?)
8. Ad campaigns: divided up by medium, can you imagine? This is a tv ad, but THIS is a radio ad. Idiots.
9. Creativity: sure Avatars have mostly replaced the non-creatives in the last 40 years, but think how efficient everything is now...
10. Technology: laughable. In 2010, they called mobile devices Smartphones. The joke writes itself.

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