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Friday, November 18, 2011

How Groundbreaking Thinkers Spread Their Ideas

In this article for Inc., Jeff Haden talks about how to get your groundbreaking ideas out to the world. The highlights:
The audience won’t come to you.
You have to bring your ideas to them, no one is looking for your great idea.
Online is easiest.
Blogs and articles stay online forever. Plus, they help with SEO.
Don’t write anything—yet.
Editors and bloggers have audiences that you need to cater to. You need to bend your idea around that specific audience to get picked up.
Understand no one cares what you need.
Bloggers and editors care about one thing... building their audience. You need to fit your idea into that concept. 
Focus on their needs. 
"The key is to really know the site, not just the front page and editor/blogger bio. Read a number of posts, sift through reader comments, and work through older posts to detect patterns, ongoing themes, and gradual shifts in perspective or direction."
Understand how to tailor your pitch to the blogger or editor. Here are the three questions bloggers and editors ask themselves when they read a pitch:
"Is my current audience interested, and
Will this help grow my audience, and
Does the association with the contributor boost the image and profile of my site?"
Discard 80 percent of your message.
That should clear out the guts of the message that was directed toward your audience. Now you need to position the piece to the audience for the specific blog or publication you're writing for.

Getting picked up by high profile blogs or publications is a great way to raise your company's profile. Just remember you need to filter it through their lens.



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