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Friday, December 2, 2011

12/2/11 Links

Why Negativity Can Be Good for Your Business Blog - Entrepreneur

IPhone surpasses celebs, news as most searched on Web - Reuters

The #1 University in the U.S. for spinning off startups may surprise you - TNW Entrepreneur

Police: You Can't Run From the Cop Car of the Future - Gizmodo

Chrome passes Firefox in global browser share - The Register

Twitter Quietly (Finally) Launches Self-Serve Ads - WSJ

MIT Algorithm Predicts Red Light Runners - Slashdot

YouTube’s New Homepage Goes Social With Algorithmic Feed, Emphasis On Google+ And Facebook - TechCrunch

Peter Thiel's Founders Fund Raises $625 Million - NY Times

Why Schools Need to Get Social, Local and Mobile - Mashable

Kindle Fire Unseats iPad as No. 1 Tablet at Best Buy - Mashable

Steve Case Launches $450 Million East Coast Venture Fund - Mashable

Step Up to the New Google Bar - Marketing Pilgrim

7 Steps to Closing a Deal Via Email - Inc Magazine

Get Ready For 'Apple Fever' In China, The iPhone 4S Will Be On Sale There Shortly - The Business Insider

Zynga IPO to raise up to $1bn - The Financial Times

A New Google Venture, and Another Web Boundary Line Is Nudged - NY Times



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