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Friday, December 23, 2011

12/23/11 Links

Your daily links for Friday December 23, 2011.

Leadership Hall Of Fame: Jim Collins, Author Of "Good To Great" - Fast Company

The Biggest Story of Our Time: The Rise of China's Middle Class - Forbes

This Googler Was Hounded By VCs Shoving Money At Him - The Business Insider

Facebook Is More Popular And Growing Faster Than Google Search - The Business Insider

Firemen, Donuts and Meetings - Seth Godin Blog

Louis C.K. Tops $1 Million in Sales of $5 Comedy Special - CNN Money

iPad satisfaction rate at 84% according to new survey - BGR

Mark Zuckerberg and the Evolution of the Facebook IPO - Wall Street Journal

Why Good Entrepreneurs Borrow, Great Ones Steal [VIDEO 6:55] - Mashable

Walt Mossberg's Look at 2011 Biggest Tech Products: Year of the Talking Phone and a Cloud That Got Hot - Wall Street Journal

Google Will Pay Mozilla Almost $300M Per Year in Search Deal, Besting Microsoft and Yahoo - Wall Street Journal

ComScore: Google+ Grows Worldwide Users From 65 Million In October To 67 Million In November - TechCrunch

Apple Has More Online Shoppers Than Walmart - Ad Age



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