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Monday, December 26, 2011

12/26/11 Links

Your daily links for Monday December 26, 2011.

How to Ace a Google Interview - Wall Street Journal

Startups With More 'Go-To People' Lead the Pack - Forbes

The More or Less Choice - Seth Godin's Blog

Why I'm Betting on PR - Inc Magazine

Think of Your Customers as Employees - Inc Magazine

DIY Video Pays Off Huge For Louis CK: Are You Listening Google, Amazon? -

If Moms Can’t Find It, They Invent It - New York Times

How Do Co-Founders Meet? 17 Startups Tell All - Mashable

iPhone of the Future May Be Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Mashable

How to Manage Your Company’s Online Reputation (Infographic) - VentureBeat

Christmas: Why Graphic Designers Must Hate the Holidays [video 1:42] - Gizmodo

What Startup To Build? - TechCrunch

Airplanes: Sea Shepherd Now Using Drones To Hunt Japanese Whalers - Gizmodo

Anything Boys Can Do... -  Scientific American 



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