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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

12/28/11 Links

Your daily links for Wednesday December 28, 2011.

Five Lessons To Do What You Love...And Succeed - Fast Company

Google's Penny Pinching Is Costing It Customers - Forbes

Twitter More Popular than Facebook in 2011  - ZDNet

Amazon, Apple Soar In Customer Satisfaction In 2011; Netflix Plummets - TechCrunch

Culture Isn't Costly - Fast Company

Google+ Is Adding More Than 600,000 New Users EACH DAY* - The Business Insider

The Real Value of Your Business - Inc Magazine

Top Online Marketing Books for 2012 - TopRank

For This Financial Adviser, Tweets Are Good Business - Wall Street Journal 

The 9 Oddest Job Interview Questions Asked at Tech Companies in 2011 - Mashable

Google Will Release Their Own iPad 3 Competitor Within Six Months - Gizmodo

Microsoft's Dumbest And Smartest Moves Of 2011 - InformationWeek

Should Startups Focus on Profitability or Not? - Both Sides of the Table



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