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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1/31/12 Links

Your daily links for Tuesday January 31, 2012.

3 Things Every CEO Must Do in 2012 - Inc Magazine

If This Doesn't Convince You To Work For Twitter, Then Nothing Will [video 3:11] - The Business Insider

Has Your Business Failed (and You Just Won't Admit It)? - Inc Magazine

Facebook IPO: Is Another VC Boom on the Horizon? - Wall Street Journal

Is Facebook worth $100 billion? - CNN Money

The 5 Reasons Why Facebook Is Worth So Much Money - TechCrunch 

How Google's New Privacy Policy Could Affect You - Scientific American

The Best Screen Capture Tool for Mac OS X - Lifehacker

Steve Jobs told Google to Stop Poaching Workers - Reuters

Apple Becomes World's Biggest Maker of Computers, Thanks to iPad - NY Times

Breaking Down Apple’s Billions [INFOGRAPHIC] - Mashable

How To Avoid Hiring The Wrong Person For Your Startup - Mashable

Twitter Is Not a Media Company, CEO Says - Mashable

Would Shareholders Give a Higher P/E to Keep Jobs in the USA? - Mark Cuban

Twitter Users Beware: Homeland Security Isn't Laughing - GigaOM

Facebook Widens Lead in Display Ads - Wall Street Journal 

Andreessen Horowitz Closes $1.5 Billion New Fund - TechCrunch

Obama Calls on Congress to Pass Bill Aimed at Helping Startups - VentureBeat


Monday, January 30, 2012

1/30/12 Links

Your daily links for Monday January 30, 2012.

Four Reasons Why Facebook's IPO is Irrelevant - Forbes

How Should Facebook Use $10 Billion in IPO Cash? - Forbes

Meet the Start-up Doctor - Inc Magazine

5 Famous People Who Succeeded Long After They Should've Quit - Digg

Five Ways Twitter Is Changing Media Law -


Friday, January 27, 2012

1/27/12 Links

Your daily links for Friday January 27, 2012.

Entrepreneurial Spirit Awaits Its Moment in the Middle East - NY Times

Why is Investment Income Taxed Less Than Wages?  - Associated Press

Twitter Commits Social Suicide - Forbes

Twitter Faces Censorship Backlash -

North Korea Outlaws Cell Phones - Forbes

Straight From Davos: There's A Reason It's Called 'Venture' Capital - The Business Insider

Andrew Mason on the Future of Groupon - Inc Magazine

Understanding Google's New Page Layout Algorithm - Entrepreneur

We're Losing Control of Our Digital Privacy - CNN

Can Too Much Information Harm Patients? [Excerpt] - Scientific American


Thursday, January 26, 2012

1/26/12 Links

Your daily links for Thursday January 26, 2012.

Watching Apple Win the World - 37signals

$100 Billion Question: What Should Apple Do With Its Cash? - Time

Ten Tips for Pitching Your Company - This is Going to be Big

Google: How the Government Used a Con Artist to Catch Google's Criminal Activities - Gizmodo

Feds say senior Google Execs Knew About Illicit Pharma Ads - ars technica

Andreessen Is Said to Seek $1.5 Billion in Fund-Raising - NY Times

How to Choose What You Share with Google - Washington Post

Netflix Streaming Margins Are 11 Percent, DVD Margins Are 52 Percent - TechCrunch

Judge: Order to Decrypt Laptop Does Not Violate Fifth Amendment [video 1:19] - Mashable

Google Brain: Are We Losing Our Memory to the Search Giant? [video 0:53] - Mashable

Your Company Has a Perception Problem - Inc Magazine

What Could Kill Apple, Google Or Microsoft? - Forbes


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1/24/12 Links

Your daily links for Tuesday January 24, 2012.

Google Tweaks Search Results to Punish Ad-Heavy Websites - Wired

Google: Do Yourself a Favor and Just Come Clean Already - Pando Daily

Why We Should Teach Our Kids to Code - Slashdot

Science: Clever 1-Minute Video Shows How Airplane Wings Really Work [video, 1:14] - Gizmodo

Will This Be Apple's First $40 Billion Quarter? - TechCrunch

11 Vital Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs - Mashable

Twitter is Much More Than Social: Co-founder Dorsey - Reuters

Facebook to Google: 'Don't be evil' - CNNMoney

Three Degrees of Reid Hoffman - Fortune

New Orleans and Young Entrepreneurs: Nurturing Each Other - Inc Magazine


Friday, January 20, 2012

1/20/12 Links

Your daily links for Friday January 20, 2012.

Venture Capitalists Spend More Cash - Reuters

4 of 7 Named in Megaupload Indictment Denied Bail in New Zealand - NY Times

Iran: Iranian Programmer Sentenced to Death for Developing Porn Site Software - Gizmodo

Apple's Big Plan To Revolutionize The Textbook Stinks - The Business Insider

Jon Stewart Tells Us Everything We Need To Know About SOPA [video 7:09] - The Business Insider

This VC Has Heard 10,000 Pitches: Here's What Works - The Business Insider

Zynga Confirms It Is Seeking Partners for Online Gambling Initiatives - Wall Street Journal

Do Venture Capitalists Really Deserve Half a Billion Dollars in Taxpayer Money? - Inc Magazine

Facebook Gets Even More Sticky - MarketingVOX

Nine Things You Didn’t Know About Twitter - NY Times

At $400 billion, Apple is Worth More Than Greece - CNNMoney

Zuckerberg: SOPA Is 'Poorly Thought-Out Law' - Mashable

China's Challenge to the iPad Raises a Red Flag - Reuters

Larry Page: Display Advertising Is A $5 Billion Business - TechCrunch

Internet Wins: SOPA and PIPA Both Shelved - ars technica

Humor: The Most Exuberant 404 Error Ever - Gizmodo


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1/18/12 Links

Your daily links for Wednesday January 18, 2012.

8 Questions to Help Decide if You Should be Raising Money Now - Both Sides of the Table

Online Advertising Is Most-Pitched Media Product, But How Best To Sell It? -

A Lost And Found For The Internet - Fast Company

Yahoo Co-Founder Jerry Yang Resigns from Company - CBS News

Wikipedia Editors Question Site's Blackout - AP

Google Will Change Its Home Page Tomorrow To Protest SOPA - The Business Insider

CHART OF THE DAY: Apple Is The Biggest PC Seller In The World - The Business Insider

SOPA Opera: White House Shuts Down Online Anti-Piracy Bill - Scientific American

Key Lessons for Startup Entrepreneurs from the 'TechStars - Entrepreneur Magazine

Scott Forstall is Apple's 'CEO-in-waiting' Says New Book - Fortune

For Some Internet Start-Ups, a Failure Is Just the Beginning - NY Times


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1/17/12 Links

Your daily links for Tuesday January 17, 2012.

Obama Says So Long SOPA, Killing Controversial Internet Piracy Legislation - Forbes

Ahead of May IPO, Facebook's Ad Business Shines--With One Caveat - Forbes

Employees' Most Outrageous 'Late' Excuses - LiveScience

SendGrid Sends 2.6 Billion Monthly Emails And It Just Raised $21 Million - San Francisco Chronicle

Do You Buy This? Free Apps With In-App Purchases Will Dominate Over Paid -

7 Must-Have Qualities to Look for in Employees - Inc Magazine

How to Make a Successful Cold Call - Inc Magazine

Apple May Be Building Facebook Directly Into The Next Version Of iOS - The Business Insider

The Secret To Pinterest's Astounding Success: A Brilliant Sign-Up Process You Should Copy - The Business Insider

The Traditional Media Buying Agency Is Dead - The Business Insider

Venture Capitalists, Startups Hope to Hit Sin City Jackpot - Reuters

Why iPhone Shoppers Buy More Apps - NY Times

YouTube Invests $100 Million In Original Programming - Media Post


Saturday, January 14, 2012

1/14/12 Links

Your daily links for Saturday January 14, 2012.

Underwater Noise Disturbs Whales 120 Miles Away - Wired

Technology Waves and Valuations: Are We in a Social Networking Bubble? - Roger and Mike's Hypernet Blog

Since 2007 Bill Gates Has Given Away 48 Percent of His Net-Worth for Charity [Infographic] - The Inquisitr

Combating Online Piracy while Protecting an Open and Innovative Internet -

Why Google's Social Search Is Too Much, Too Soon - Mashable

Career of the Future: Data Scientist [INFOGRAPHIC] - Mashable

Declaring Victory - Seth Godin Blog

How Pinterest Works - The Business Insider

Can Facebook Control 5 Percent Of Online Advertising By End Of 2012? -


Friday, January 13, 2012

1/13/12 Links

Your daily links for Friday January 13, 2012.

Apple Suspends iPhone 4S Sales in Mainland China Stores - NY Times

Google CEO Larry Page Just Made His First Big Mistake - Forbes

Google Is Diving Back Into China With Search That Can't Be Censored - The Business Insider

Rupert Murdoch On The MySpace Deal: "We Screwed Up In Every Way Possible" - The Business Insider

Documenting Life in a Start-up - Inc Magazine

Google: Sorry, Twitter, We Don't Index the @ Symbol - Mashable

How Google's Social Search Shift Will Impact Your Brand's SEO - Mashable

An Invisible Keyboard Aims to Improve Touch-Screen Typing - NY Times

Google Responds: No, That’s Not How Facebook Deal Went Down (Oh, And I Say: The Search Paradigm Is Broken) - John Battelle's Searchblog

Not At Any Price: Twitter Denied Data To Google And Bet On Itself - TechCrunch


Thursday, January 12, 2012

1/12/12 Links

Your daily links for Thursday January 12, 2012.

33 Entrepreneurs Who Make This World A Better Place - Idea Mensch

InboundScore Ranks Incoming Website Sales Leads Intelligently (exclusive) - VentureBeat

A Q&A With Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber - Washingtonian

Q4 Venture Deals, Dollars Stayed Strong, Making 2011 Best in a Decade - Xconomy

How to Raise Money for Your Startup -- Now - Entrepreneur magazine

Apple May Need Cheaper Phones To Compete In China - Forbes Mobile Shoppers Buy Twice as Often as Web Visitors - Gigaom

Bing Search Overtakes Yahoo - Slashdot

Apple's Foreign Cash Hoard - Seeking Alpha 

How Facebook's Expected $100 Billion IPO Breaks Down [INFOGRAPHIC] - Mashable

How Memory Works - Online Colleges

Facebook to Hit 1 Billion User Mark in August [STUDY] - Mashable

Has Facebook Peaked Too Soon? - Forbes

10 Steps To Turn Your Passion Into Your Business - Fast Company

Working In Word, Excel, PowerPoint On an iPad

This Is Generation Flux: Meet The Pioneers Of The New (And Chaotic) Frontier Of Business - Fast Company


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1/11/12 Links

Your daily links for Wednesday January 11, 2012.

With Romney Under Attack, Private Equity Fights Back - NY Times

The Private Equity Industry Is Striking Back With Its Argument For Why It Makes America Great - The Business Insider

Majority Doesn't Care Whether Boss Is Male or Female - Forbes

Google+ Is Way Bigger Than We Thought: It's Totally Going To Change How The Web Works - The Business Insider

Google search undergoes 'most radical transformation ever' - CNN

“Search Plus Your World” Is Just About Google+, Not Your World - TechCrunch

Google To Twitter: Wait, Didn’t *You* Break Up With Me? - TechCrunch

Twitter to Google: You broke the Internet! - CNET

Can China Avoid a Hard Landing? - CNN Money

How a Niche Email Newsletter Grew to a Million Subscribers [video, 6:59] - Mashable

The Neuroscience of Looking on the Bright Side - Scientific American

Craig Venter Explains How Pond Scum Will Save the World - Scientific American


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

1/10/12 Links

Your daily links for Tuesday January 10, 2012.

Google Goes After Your Local Small Business - Fast Company

Six in Ten Hedge Funds Lost Money in 2011 - CNBC

TVs You Can Talk To, Without Sounding Crazy - Newsday 

Can Tom Hanks Really Deliver The ‘Comic-Con Crowd’ For Yahoo?

Apple CEO’s Stock Options Lift 2011 Compensation to $378 Million - Businessweek

Check Out The Insane Lengths Zappos Customer Service Reps Will Go To - The Business Insider

How Larry Page Changed Meetings At Google After Taking Over Last Spring - The Business Insider

Gen Y Facebook Users Seen Mixing Business With Pleasure - Marketing Charts

What's an Entrepreneur? The Best Answer Ever - Inc Magazine

Google Gets More Personal With Search Results - ABC News

Why Cool Startups Are Losers In China - TechCrunch

Holding Things Before We Buy Them Makes Us More Satisfied With Our Purchases - Time

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Designers - .net


Monday, January 9, 2012

1/9/12 Links

Your daily links for Monday January 9, 2012.

Analysts: Gadget sales to top $1 trillion in 2012 - UT San Diego

Goldman Sachs Partners Could See Pay Cuts - Reuters

The People vs. Best Buy, Round Two - Forbes

Leadership Lessons From the Man Behind the World's Biggest Restaurant Company - Inc Magazine

To Achieve Big Goals, Become A Pattern Thinker (Or, How The Cool Ranch Dorito Was Born) - Fast Company

7 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Skills and Influence - Forbes

This 32-Year-Old Entrepreneur Built A Red-Hot Startup That's Bringing In $25 Million Yearly And Is Already Profitable - The Business Insider

Counting on a Rush to the Cloud - NY Times

What Is Shared Culture? - Duct Tape Marketing

Acer Debuts Its iCloud Clone, AcerCloud - Mashable

Want A Great Team? Focus On Talent, Not Hiring - TechCrunch

The Courage to Be Wrong: Reading the Biography of Stephen Hawking - Scientific American

The Future: I Just Controlled Windows 8 With My Eyes and It Made Me Believe in Technology Again - Gizmodo

Ubuntu: Ubuntu TV Will Be In Your Living Room This Year - Gizmodo

Why Everybody In Seattle Suddenly Wants To Work For Amazon - The Business Insider

iPhone Turns Five Today: a Smartphone Launch Worth Remembering - Engadget


Friday, January 6, 2012

1/6/12 Links

Your daily links for Friday January 6, 2012.

Millennial Media Files for I.P.O - peHUB

Ipad: Google Translate Goes Grande On the iPad - Gizmodo

This Is The Billion Dollar Opportunity That Could Save Zynga - The Business Insider

Mashable's Digital Predictions for 2012 - Mashable

Father of the Internet: The Internet Isn’t a Human Right -

iPad 3 to Pack Retina Display, FaceTime HD, 8-Megapixel Camera and Push iPad 2 to $399? - BGR

4 Things Your Start-up Needs to Do This Year - Inc Magazine

Will Spinoff Mean a Better, Cheaper Nook? - Smart Money

New Google TV Devices Finally On The Way -

Apple's Siri Feature Doubles iPhone Data Usage - NASDAQ

Google's 30 Most Recent Search Quality Changes - Search Engine Roundtable

How to Hire Positive Employees for Your Business - Entrepreneur Magazine


Thursday, January 5, 2012

1/5/12 Links

Your daily links for Thursday January 5, 2012.

The 5 Things Yahoo's New CEO Scott Thompson Should Do Right Away - Fast Company

5 Things That Should Be on New Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson’s “To Do” List - VentureBeat

Yahoo Looks Almost Buyable, Netflix Due For Decline - Forbes

PayPal Dispute Ends in Destruction of Violin - CNET

Trada Secures $9M From Google Ventures And Foundry Group - MediaPost

iPad Racks Up 3 Billion App Downloads - PC Mag

Rant: If You're Not Apple, You Need to Stop with the iNames - Gizmodo

Google Ventures, Mark Cuban And Others Invest $1M In Social CRM Startup Nimble - TechCrunch

Why We Don't Hire Programmers Based on Puzzles, API Quizzes, Math Riddles, or Other Parlor Tricks -  37signals


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

1/4/12 Links

Your daily links for Wednesday January 4, 2012.

Ron Conway: Where Angels Will Tread - The Economist

The Magic of Leadership - Inc Magazine

Hedge Fund Manager Battles to Save Sears - Telegraph

New Year's Resolutions For The Advertising Industry - Forbes

Chrome Gaining Browser Market Share - MarketingCharts

Lies, Damned Lies, and Benchmarks: Why Mobile Metrics Still Matter - ExtremeTech

When Getting Rid of College Lectures Makes Sense - Slashdot

Meetings a Waste of Time? 6 Smart Ways to Fix Them - Inc Magazine

5 Best Practices for Digital Marketers in 2012 - Mashable

6 Apps That Block Online Distractions So You Can Get Work Done - Mashable

The Race is Long - This is Going to be Big


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

1/3/12 Links

Your daily links for Tuesday January 3, 2012.

Apple TV Faces Many Challenges - CBS News

You Can Get Richer Pinching Pennies Like Warren Buffett - Forbes

You Be The Judge: Are Bloggers Journalists? - Forbes

Chart: How Google And Apple Won The Smartphone Wars - TechCrunch

Why You Can Never Stop Perfecting Your Business -  Inc Magazine

SoundCloud Just Raised A Monster $50 Million Round And Mary Meeker Is On Board - The Business Insider

Google+ Had More Than 49 Million Visits In December - The Business Insider

Was 2011 The Year Facebook Killed Google? - Top Rank

Coursekit Raises $5 Million to Reinvent the Classroom - NY Times

A Time to Tune Out - NY Times

4 Big Moves Google Should Make in 2012 - Mashable

One Year of Backpacking All Around the World In Just Five Minutes [video, 4:50] - Gizmodo

Spend 2012 on the Right Side of the Haimish Line - Both Sides of the Table


Monday, January 2, 2012

1/2/12 Links

Your daily links for Monday January 2, 2012.

Verizon Ditches $2 Fee After Customer Uproar - Reuters

Apple: It's Now Sir Jonathan Ive - Gizmodo

Want To Know How (Not) To Pitch Your Startup? Look No Further - TechCrunch

Nearly 20 Million People Read Google’s Blog In 2011; @Google Now Has 4 Million Twitter Followers  - TechCrunch

5 Steps for Finding New Customers - Mashable

The Tipping Point: Android Won - Mobile Open Source

The Value of the Designer Who Codes - Inc Magazine

MARK CUBAN: There's Only One Thing In Life You Can Control: Your Own Effort - The Business Insider

In Trying to Meet Venture Capitalists, Will an Online Introduction Suffice? - The Washington Post

The Biggest And Baddest Bubble Ever - Forbes

Internet Marketers: Meet the New Year, It's the Same As the Old Year - Marketing Pilgrim