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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1/11/12 Links

Your daily links for Wednesday January 11, 2012.

With Romney Under Attack, Private Equity Fights Back - NY Times

The Private Equity Industry Is Striking Back With Its Argument For Why It Makes America Great - The Business Insider

Majority Doesn't Care Whether Boss Is Male or Female - Forbes

Google+ Is Way Bigger Than We Thought: It's Totally Going To Change How The Web Works - The Business Insider

Google search undergoes 'most radical transformation ever' - CNN

“Search Plus Your World” Is Just About Google+, Not Your World - TechCrunch

Google To Twitter: Wait, Didn’t *You* Break Up With Me? - TechCrunch

Twitter to Google: You broke the Internet! - CNET

Can China Avoid a Hard Landing? - CNN Money

How a Niche Email Newsletter Grew to a Million Subscribers [video, 6:59] - Mashable

The Neuroscience of Looking on the Bright Side - Scientific American

Craig Venter Explains How Pond Scum Will Save the World - Scientific American



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