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Friday, January 20, 2012

1/20/12 Links

Your daily links for Friday January 20, 2012.

Venture Capitalists Spend More Cash - Reuters

4 of 7 Named in Megaupload Indictment Denied Bail in New Zealand - NY Times

Iran: Iranian Programmer Sentenced to Death for Developing Porn Site Software - Gizmodo

Apple's Big Plan To Revolutionize The Textbook Stinks - The Business Insider

Jon Stewart Tells Us Everything We Need To Know About SOPA [video 7:09] - The Business Insider

This VC Has Heard 10,000 Pitches: Here's What Works - The Business Insider

Zynga Confirms It Is Seeking Partners for Online Gambling Initiatives - Wall Street Journal

Do Venture Capitalists Really Deserve Half a Billion Dollars in Taxpayer Money? - Inc Magazine

Facebook Gets Even More Sticky - MarketingVOX

Nine Things You Didn’t Know About Twitter - NY Times

At $400 billion, Apple is Worth More Than Greece - CNNMoney

Zuckerberg: SOPA Is 'Poorly Thought-Out Law' - Mashable

China's Challenge to the iPad Raises a Red Flag - Reuters

Larry Page: Display Advertising Is A $5 Billion Business - TechCrunch

Internet Wins: SOPA and PIPA Both Shelved - ars technica

Humor: The Most Exuberant 404 Error Ever - Gizmodo



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