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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1/24/12 Links

Your daily links for Tuesday January 24, 2012.

Google Tweaks Search Results to Punish Ad-Heavy Websites - Wired

Google: Do Yourself a Favor and Just Come Clean Already - Pando Daily

Why We Should Teach Our Kids to Code - Slashdot

Science: Clever 1-Minute Video Shows How Airplane Wings Really Work [video, 1:14] - Gizmodo

Will This Be Apple's First $40 Billion Quarter? - TechCrunch

11 Vital Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs - Mashable

Twitter is Much More Than Social: Co-founder Dorsey - Reuters

Facebook to Google: 'Don't be evil' - CNNMoney

Three Degrees of Reid Hoffman - Fortune

New Orleans and Young Entrepreneurs: Nurturing Each Other - Inc Magazine



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