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Monday, February 6, 2012

2/6/12 Links

Your daily links for Monday February 6, 2012.

Facebook’s Mobility Challenge - NY Times

Citi Gets Approval to Issue Credit Cards in China - Reuters

Only 8.5% Of Internet Usage Comes Via Mobiles, Double Last Year's Figure -

Hey Samsung, Here's A Reminder From Steve Jobs On Why People Hate Styluses - The Business Insider

These Are The 10 Most Educated Countries In The World (The US is 4th) - The Business Insider

Get Faster & More Flexible: 5 Tips - Inc Magazine

Is It Ethical to Own an iPhone? - Scientific American

Google Cloud Print: It's Actually Awesome, and Here's How to Set It Up - Lifehacker

Study Finds Social Media Harder To Resist Than Cigarettes, Alcohol - Slashdot

How to Deliver a Killer Business Presentation - Mashable

$800 Million Chinese Fund to Back Film Projects - NY Times



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