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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2/8/12 Links

Your daily links for Wednesday February 8, 2012.

Apple Promises A Crack Down On Those Who Manipulate App Store Rankings -

Why Facebook's Daily Active Users Is Not The Number That Matters - Fast Company

6 Secrets to a Successful Startup - Inc Magazine

How To Fix iPhone Auto Correct, The Bane Of Your Existence - The Business Insider

This VC Thinks Health Tracking Is About To Take Off -- Like PCs In The 1970s - The Business Insider

Apple Is Pulling In 40% Of All Mobile Industry Revenue, And 75% Of All Mobile Profits - The Business Insider

Apple Claimed a Staggering 80% of Mobile Profit in Q4 - BGR 

6 Emotions That Make Customers Buy - Inc Magazine

Does Google Personalized Search Have You Concerned? - Marketing Pilgrim

Apple iTV detailed: It’s like a 42-inch iPad - ExtremeTech

MIT Crowdsources and Gamifies Brain Analysis - ExtremeTech

Facebook Graffiti Artist Could be Worth $500 Million - NY Times

Hollywood Wants To Kill Piracy? No Problem: Just Offer Something Better - Techdirt



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